STRAP X BATTERY Magisk Module - Best Magisk Module For Ultra Battery Save 2022

Best Magisk Module For Ultra Battery Save 2022

Review-Increase Battery Life By 40% With Compromising Not More Than 25% Of Overall Performance,  Fixed Enable & Disable GAPPS Script now working, 

Magisk Module
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# Termux Command To Fix GAPPS
- su -c EGAPPS


>Open Magisk Manager
>Go to Modules Section
>Click On Install From Storage Button
>Find Your Downloaded Module From your internal Storage
Select your Magisk module & Automatic flash with magisk
>After the done installation process you see a reboot button on the right side tap on the blue reboot button & restart your device (first time only)✅

The script executes itself after Reboot, Wait for Toast Message!
The First One Who Ask Me If You Can Use GSM Or Stratosphere Or Any Other.. Will Get Muted!🔨

Details - 

- Don't Use this Module with ..
- Stratosphere - GSM- Magnetar - and many more ...
- Remove Any other Kernel Tweaker u have before flashing or using this one!
- I am not Responsible for ur dumbness!
- Focused On Maximizing Battery Backup!

Tested -✅✅✅✅

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