Simple Resolution Changer Magisk Module 2022

Simple Resolution Changer

Focused on Changing Resolution Systemlessly without affecting 120hz refresh rate (Termux Menu!) Enjoy, Simple Resolution Changer Magisk Module 2022 increase device speed & quality.

Resolution Change Magisk Module

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Termux Command:
su -c SRC


>Open Magisk Manager
>Go to Modules Section
>Click On Install From Storage Button
>Find Your Downloaded Module From your internal Storage
Select your Magisk module & Automatic flash with magisk
>After the done installation process you see a reboot button on the right side tap on the blue reboot button & restart your device (first time only)✅

[You can always use the {RESET} Function in Menu to revert back to Normal!!]
⚡️720x1600 ⚡️480x1067 ⚡️640x480
⚡️768x480 ⚡️800x600 ⚡️960x540
⚡️1280x720⚡️1600x900 ⚡️2560x1440

Added new Resolutions

⚡️1440x3200 ⚡️2400x1080⚡️1080x1920
⚡️720x1600 ⚡️480x1067 ⚡️640x480
⚡️768x480 ⚡️800x600 ⚡️960x540
⚡️1280x720⚡️1600x900 ⚡️2560x1440

Resolutions Features:-
  • ⚡️1440x3200 ⚡️2400x1080⚡️1080x1920
  • ⚡️720x1600 ⚡️480x1067 ⚡️640x480
  • ⚡️768x480 ⚡️800x600 ⚡️960x540
  • ⚡️1280x720⚡️1600x900 ⚡️2560x1440
Magisk 22.0+
Latest Busybox
Android 5.0+

Tested -✅✅(Team👤)

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