Hi-Res - High Sound Magisk Module 2022

Hi-Res Audio (Magisk)
  • Enables hi-res High-Quality audio format PCM 24-bit or 32-bit through modify of the audio policy if the device is supported.
  • Causes no sound issue in unsupported ROM/device.
  • Not for Bluetooth audio

Magisk Module
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>Open Magisk Manager
>Go to Modules Section
>Click On Install From Storage Button
>Find Your Downloaded Module From your internal Storage
Select your Magisk module & Automatic flash with magisk
>After the done installation process you see a reboot button on the right side tap on the blue reboot button & restart your device (first time only)✅

  • Does not patch /my_product/etc/audio_policy_configuration.xml by default
  • Fixed typos
  • Does not copy *policy*volumes*.xml
  • Changed `setprop speaker.16 1` to `setprop speaker.bit 24` or `setprop speaker.bit 16`
  • Enable debug log

Tested -✅✅✅✅

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