Fix Banking apps Not Working in rooted phones | Fix Banking apps Detecting Root

Pass Safetynet on Rooted Device

fix your banking apps not working in the rotted devices and automatically closed banking apps from rooted devices, automatically detect your device and not run banking apps in your rooted phones lets fix this fix your banking apps in the rooted device.


- Latest Stable Magisk should be installed. 
-Download the toolkit 

Fix Banking Apps Note working in Rooted Phones

  1.  -- Extract the toolkit using any File Explorer. 
  2. -- You will find 3 files - Riru coreLsposed module & XPrivacyLua apk. 
  3. -- Open Magisk and Flash Riru Core, But do not reboot.
  4.  -- Go back and flash Lsposed in magisk & reboot your device. 
  5. Download XprivacyLua apk
  6.  -- Now install XPrivacyLua apk
  7.  -- Open Lsposed and go to modules section and choose XPrivacyLua from there.
  8.  -- Select system framework, Settings storage, and Google Play services there.(Uncheck the system apps from hiding section settings for Play services to show up)
  9. -- Reboot your device
  10. -- Open XPrivacyLua and search google play services, click the drop-down menu in the left of play services and tick 'use tracking' as shown in the screenshot.
  11. -- Tick 'use tracking' on banking apps too and clear data of them after ticking
  12. -- Now clear play services and play store data through your phone's settings. 
  13. -- Hide magisk and change name of magisk
  14. -- Your Safetynet Should Pass Now!
  15. => Google Backup or Location-related errors
  16. -- Our users reported to us in the discussion group that it's working perfectly after checking the use tracking option in Play Services! 
  17. Errors with Banking Apps even after CTS and Safetynet Passing 
  18. Clear data of Google Pay or whatever Banking app you're using 
  19. Make sure you've renamed Magisk and Magisk hide option has been enabled Hide Your Banking apps in Magisk hide and XPrivacyLua (just tick use tracking option only)

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