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kcal Preset magisk module

increase your display Colors and Convert IPS Display to Amoled Display .color activity is that the method of mensuration and adjusting the color response on your show thus on reach customary|a typical} standard.

Different phones have completely different|completely different} screens that are deployed through different makers. If they're subjected to a comparison, the color replica of 1 phone might vary from another.

AMOLED + Colors Magisk Module

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Full AMOLED + CINEMA Display Magisk Module

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download your kcal magisk module in your device and flash with magisk manager and reboot. after reboot your device you can see your device colors and display is changed.

  • Vivid Colors
  • High Bright Colors
  • Fake Amoled Display
  • Ultra Colors 
  • Better Experience For Gamers

kcal Amoled screen magisk module

kcal preset module increase your display colors and make your old screen device display to Amoled Display device with high colors, better experience in your games and watch movies and enjoy bright and high colors display and powerful AMOLED Display.


Tested -✅✅
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