BEST - Magisk Modules for Your Android Device [2021]

10 Must-Have Magisk Modules for Your Android Device

The best Magisk modules, but here's how to start using Magisk tweaks to make your Android phone even better, faster, cool and Ultra Helpful

1. Xposed or EdXposed Framework

Best Magisk Module - EdXposed EdXposed Framework Xposed Framework has been the common thanks to run modules on mechanical man phones for quite some years. It had become a necessary app for many U.S.A.ers and was one of the most reasons for users to root their phones because it permits us to execute varied MODs and tweaks. Xposed Framework permits users to alter the behavior of the system and apps while not touching any APKs. which means we will come through the most effective of Xposed Modules beside systemless root and it's less doubtless to cause issues. EdXposed could be a successor to the Xposed Framework. It absolutely supports mechanical man nine (Pie) and ten (Q) and is absolutely compatible with the precise same API because the original Xposed is provided. it's step by step stabilized, is fast, is absolutely open-sourced, and is free. it's tougher to notice EdXposed because it relies on Riru and uses it to inject and doesn’t modify or replace app_process. This is why this can be the most effective magisk module you need to try WITH MAGISK You can transfer and install this magisk module from among the Magisk app from the Modules tab. It additionally needs the Riru – Core module else the installation can fail. you'll follow the article provided below within the transfer button. With Xposed, you'll run modded versions of apps like Instagram that help you to do tons over the initial app will.

2. Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android - Best Magisk Module Viper4Android FX Viper4Android helps up music listening expertise with its best sound equalizer system. This magisk module helps you to tweak, boost the bass, tune, will increase the device’s most volume, and enhance the audio whereas minimizing distortion. Viper4AndroidFX is that the best Audio Equalizer ANd an implausibly powerful tool. it's a magisk module that permits users to customize the audio output category-wise, specializing in headphones, phone speakers, and varied audio systems. It helps you to tweak the mechanical man audio and enhance your music listening expertise with profiles that you just will tune singly on every occasion consistent with what you would like. The latest version of VIPER4Android FX v2.7.2.1 is quite completely different from the various builds. several users together with Pine Tree State aren’t feeling it. It comes with a distinct predetermined format that wants conversion and that we are not any longer ready to choose presets as within the recent VIPER4Android FX while not having to attach it. You might wish to put in AN older version of VIPER4Android FX or wait to examine if the developers build any changes relating to this.

3. G-Visual Mod

G-Visual Mod - Best Magisk Module G-Visual Mod G-Visual Mod is one of the most effective magisk modules that offer varied visual mods for a mechanical man like UI Radius Mod, StatusBar Height Mod, Notchkiller Mod, and 10’s Pill Gesture Mod. It additionally changes your Gesture Mod .i.e it'll modification your mechanical man 10’s pill gesture look. You can invariably select the options provided by this magisk module. It doesn’t mechanically apply all the Mods for you, you'll specifically select and apply solely those Mods you wish for your mechanical man. I was invariably in search of some way to create all apps use full-screen show till I found an answer with this nice magisk module. It helps to use the full-screen show for all apps with its notch killer feature. it's a good module to possess your device get a rather completely different look. G Visual Mod supports AOSP ROMs, MIUI twelve and better, and additionally support mechanical man letter of the alphabet (10) and mechanical man R (11) Are you trying to find magisk modules, Check our list of best magisk modules for Android 11,12,13 This magisk module works in most AOSP primarily based ROMS and MIUI 12+ ROMs.

4. YouTube Vanced

Best Magisk Module - YouTube Vanced YouTube Vanced YouTube Vanced could be a modded stock YouTube app that's far better. YouTube Vanced blocks all video ads and permits you to try to rather more with its awful options. a bit like the YouTube premium, it permits taking part in videos within the background and far a lot of. This module additionally supports image in the image (only in mechanical man eight.0 and above), permits you to manage brightness and volume with simply a swipe, AN auto-repeat feature that permits you to relish videos or just continue taking note of a song in a very loop.

5. L Speed Magisk Module

L Speed This module can provide you with nice battery life and performance particularly after you are into gambling. It helps your frozen device with loads of additional choices for performance.  You will see an enormous bump in performance whereas gambling. you'll additionally play with the profile that helps you to select between Power Saving, Balanced, or Performance mode consistent with you would like.  L Speed - completely different Profiles L Speed – completely different Profiles L Speed provides an amazing interface because it provides a variety of settings and helps improve your device’s overall performance.  

6. Advanced Charging Controller

Advanced Charging Controller magisk module that's chiefly supposed for extending battery service life. in a very shell, Air Combat Command helps it achieved by limiting charging current, temperature, and voltage. Any root resolution is supported however i favor urging it put in with Magisk. 

7. NLSound module

could be a terribly helpful module for gamers and music lovers because it boosts the volume levels of your device and additionally improves the quality of sound to convey you the most effective sound expertise. you'll hear clearer sounds and can additionally notice the footsteps of enemies a lot of expeditiously in games. It improves the audio quality globally whereas recording video and taking note of the audio on your device. 

8. Benchkit

You just flashed a brand new memory board and you’re unsure if the memory board is price substitution for your previous ROMs? With Benchkit, you'll take a look at the UI/UX performance of any memory board and assist you to ascertain the most effective memory board for you. Benchkit runs UI/UX tests like data processing, image process, electronic image process, color production, etc. whereas this won't be one thing you ought to think about whereas selecting a memory board, you'll undoubtedly offer this module a strive.   

10. Audio Modification Library

Audio Modification Library could be a compatibility framework developed to supply you with superb support in dynamic smartphone audio. It permits seamless integration of multiple audio mods i.e it permits supported audio mods to share similar required files like audio effects.  AML could be a library of noted audio mods that includes all the supported audio mods themselves mechanically throughout the installation, and additionally throughout every boot if any changes are detected. it'll change mechanically with any changes in audio mods like once a brand new mod is put in, removed, or once AN existing mod is updated.  It supports a good vary of mods together with AM3D, AudioWizard, V4AFX, and lots of a lot of. you'll notice the total list on the XDA thread. 

11. DTs:X radical and DTS Headphone:X

DTS:X radical is concentrated on transfer spatial audio to any smartphone. it's designed for gambling and XR/VR experiences with support for static, multi-channel, and object-based audio. It needs a tool powering Pie or on top of. you'll additionally have to be compelled to install AML if you’re victimizing the DTs port with the other sound mod/port.  Also read: Best Custom ROMs for gambling  DTS Headphone:X is meant to virtualize stereo headphones that facilitate to create a sound sort of a multi-channel setup. It offers users the power to line their own relative atomic mass preferences and quite a Brobdingnagian variety of audio presets for headphones and speakers. The app permits you to settle on between movies, music, and games and tune the audio as per it. there's an enormous list of presets to settle on from for headphones and you'll additionally set and customize your own equalizer. it's best suited for movies for AN immersive, medium audio expertise, ANd for games to immerse themselves deeper into gambling whereas providing an exceptional expertise.  Both DTs Headphone:X and DTS:X radical port supports AML and might be used with any Ainur Audio mods 

  16.Mic Fix This magisk module fixes in-call low mic volume problems on mechanical man. If you're into custom ROMs, then you need to have already flashed several custom ROMs on your device. there's a really common issue altogether the custom memory boards out there that once flashing a ROM, your mic doesn’t work or the mic volume is just too low. I actually have featured this downside in several memory board like disturbance, Derpfest, and even Corvus OS.  Well, the answer for this downside is that the mechanical man Mic Fix magisk module. it'll fix the low mic volume issue for your mechanical man device. 

12. Font Changer

Change your all fonts and a custom UI has been used. Few of the custom ROMs do offer quite few fonts than others however that isn’t still enough.  With Font Changer Module, you'll make a choice from an oversized variety of fonts (over 200) that you just like consistent with your style. you'll even use custom fonts you wish if you don’t like every one of the fonts provided by the module.  You might be a legend if you don’t like every of these from the list of 200+ provided fonts. Who knows, everybody encompasses a completely different style.  Many ROMs go along with several prebuilt fonts already. This plugin is quite deprecated and won't add newer ROMs

How to Install and Use Magisk Modules on Android

1st to complete this step click= how to root with Magisk. There are two ways to install Magisk modules, depending on where you source them. Both use the Magisk Manager app and are straightforward.

How To Install Magisk Modules

  1. Open Magisk Manager. Slide open the sidebar from the left edge of the screen and select Downloads.
  2. You'll now see a list of available Magisk modules to download. Tap one to read more information, including any additional instructions on how to install or use it.
  3. To install a module, tap the download icon. From the available choices you're given, Download saves the module to your phone's storage, while Install downloads and installs it in one step.
  4. Select Install. The process doesn't take too long, although it depends on the size of the module.
  5. Tap Reboot when prompted, and your phone will restart with the module in place.

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