5G Magisk Module For All Devices Fake 5G Magisk Module

5G Magisk Module | Change 4G to 5G Any Android Device | Fake 5G icon magisk module

Fake 5G icon magisk module

Review- Conver your 4G Phone to 5G Phone, Change your 4g Android Device to 5G Premium icon for a premium look. 5G interNet Logo Magisk Module For all devices 5g icon magisk module, Best Magisk Module - Change Your stock 4g and 3g icon to 5G icon, replace your old icon to new 5g icon, show your friends and prank with friends and enjoy and set your phone bar like 5g phone to enjoy and fun with this module, and share with friends and enjoy.

Download 5G icon Magisk Module

Click Hare👉DOWNLOAD/Direct

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Open Magisk

Go To Module Section

Select From storage

find your downloaded 5G icon Magisk Module

After flashing this module reboot and enjoy.

  • 4G TO 5G Change
  • Ultra Stable / Safe
  • Compatible with other modules
  • Change Old Stock iCon

Notification status Bar 5G icon Magisk Module

Details - 5G Magisk Module For Android rooted device fake 5G icon Magisk Module, changing your old and boring bar icon and add premium 5G Convert your old 4G to new 5G Device 😋.


5G icon Magisk Module

Best Fake 5G icon Magisk Module, Change 4G icon to 5G icon in the status bar, Change 4g icon to 5g icon in the notification bar, Change Your stock 4g and 3g icon to 5G icon, replace your old icon to new 5g icon.

Tested By Me and my friendly Team
Tested -✅✅✅✅✅
PREMIUM Tested 4+ Months Tested in 5-6 Devices.
Results = Work Properly Fully Stable No Bugs, Best Fake 5G icon Magisk Module,

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