KORO Tweaks | Best Magisk Module For Gaming & Battery 2021 New Magisk Module 2021

Best Magisk Module 2021 For Gaming | New Magisk Module 2021

KORO TWEAKS (Magisk Module)

Koro Tweaks - in this module 2 modes - 1 = gaming mode, 2 = Battery mode, select anyone whats you need, you need Ultra performance For Gaming to select number = 1,
you needed Ultra Battery backup to select 2nd option number = 2,
koro tweaks made by zerux31, you need to buy this-
search on telegram ZeruxProjets

Termux for change profile: su -c koro


Stable V1.0
Added support Termux for change profile: su -c koro
Features :
Ram Tweaks
Cache, Inode, Dentries Cleaner
Kernel Tweaks
Fs Tweaks
Blocks Tweaks
Module Tweaks
Ext4 Tweaks
F2FS Tweaks
Cpuset Tweaks
STUNE Tweaks
Proc Tweaks
Random Tweaks
Wake locks Tweaks
GMS Tweaks
Bloatware Cleaner
Tracing Disable
Cpu Tweaks
Gpu Tweaks
Support: For - Stock/AOSP/GSI (Universal)
Tested -✅✅

Require- high testing -like 3-5 Tick

Magisk Module INFO-

You Want to Change Governer
CPU TGov App Like FKM, SKM, Performance Tweaker /  tweak your processor's performance. customize the settings for your processor governor, underclock to avoid wasting battery, overclock to enhance performance and set numerous trigger-based performance profiles to confirm your processor performs simply the approach you wish. 

Again, a touch care and analysis on what your hardware will tolerate is vital, particularly if you decide to overclock.

How to root your device 2021 -

Am already macked a video on this topic, to watch this video - search on youtube = digital choco& find how to root android,  and watch it.
Easy to root = Xiaomi devices, poco devices, one plus devices, redmi devices, Asus devices,realme devices.
Basic how-to root = unlock the bootloader, install TWRP, install magisk.zip file with twrp.

Why magisk is the best option for you
magisk is a safe and secure o/s project, after installing magisk working all banking apps on your device without any error, 1st to open the magisk manager app go to settings and enable magisk hide, back - click on the root access tab open hide apps, and select apps to hide like banking apps -Paytm PayPal,Gpay, phone pay.
Not working to try this - go to magisk settings and click on magisk app hide, type a name and save.

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