XTweak 1.4 Most Power Full + Overclocked Module + Added More GPU + CPU Tweaks Max Your Cpu + Gpu Power For Comptative Gaming



Performance can mean a lot of different things to different people. When it comes to mobile apps, performance can describe how an app works, how efficiently it works, or if it was enjoyable to use. In the context of this book, we are looking at performance in terms of efficiency and speed.


1- Battery 
2 - potency improve System latency to improve System Speed + Ui
3 - Performance + Battery 
4 - Only Performance Max Power 

Chose & Select & Flash / enjoy batter performance 
play games without lags & suttering   

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XTweaks Magisk Module

This Module Named is X Tweak, XTweak is an ultra-powerful version attached with SQLite features to make your device is more powerful with this speed, this module works with own stablity+ ultra profiles modes, chose profile whats you needed, your opinion your choice - whats you needed, you need an ultra-performance max level to chose gaming profile, you need ultra battery save with long battery life to chose battery. Basically This module work with root permission with magisk, you needed magisk rooting to use this module, this module in most powerful tweaks to boost up your system speed to max level & you choosing battery mode to increase your battery life to max level & max battery life. download xtweaks magisk module.

XTweaks module

The most powerful module/tool for gaming this module is ultra-powerful, you can use it after end me feedbacks enjoy yourself test yourself and make the best combo for your own device.

XTweaks module INFORMATION, S

This module has four modes/ Works lie change system codings to create new codes and update your old system code and replace it for customizing your system on max performance mod and battery mod UI mod- improve your system perfromance and increase battery life, you can go with this module - you are a gamer to use this module and get ultimate power with this module without any issues.in this module has 4 modes like this -

1- Battery  only
2- potency improve System latency to improve System Speed + Ui
3 - Performance + Battery  Stabilizer
4 - Only Performance Max Your Android Power 

Tested By Our Team

Fixed Kinemaster Exporting
Fix Fast Render
Fix Stability Bugs
Tested -✅✅✅✅✅


MOST POWERFULL Magisk Module for competitive gamers and high-performance needed users, use this module and change your Android Life with this module. you feel now lag-free gets ultimate level performance with help with this module you can use after that overclocked your system speed like iPhone and improve your system speed in max level-get you ultimate performance. 

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