DMS DOZE Universal Magisk Module Optimize Your Google Services & Freez Your running Service Magisk module

Best Dms Doze (Magisk Module)

xda dev - Optimized and adjusted Google Play services. The patching process is handled by a command script, which detects default file location and any conflicting modules.
Tested By Our Team 

Command Line :      pm disable

Cheak CMD Line:  gmsc

Use- 1st o install this module in your device - open magisk manager and select models opinions - and select install modules from internal storage, and find your module in your storage and select your module and flash it . after flashing the module just reboot your device, after rebooting your device. open your app store and search trimux and install, after installing trimux on your android device open it and get us permission to type = su and enter now gets you su permissions and you are now trimux rooting user - after that -- open trimux and type this command = pm disable    |after putting the command - done you doze.

A few disclaimers By the Developer-

1. That fix should in theory work for most 8.1 devices, including the likes of pixel 1st gen, pixel 2nd gen, one plus, Xiaomi which suffer from this severe issue.
It seems devices with oos on 8.1 ( op5/t) cannot use this mod.
AOSP and LOS ROMs should be okay.

2. I didn´t fix this, just compiled the libs with the fix found on google Gerrit.

3. Rom devs you are very welcome to include this fix. found no ill consequences as of yet but I can understand google taking it slow and reviewing it longer. Maybe they will find a better fix, but as of now, this is the best thing we have.

Tested -✅✅✅✅

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