10 Best Magisk Modules For Pubg , Overclcoking , Battery , Gaming | TOP 10 Magisk Modules , Best 10 Magisk Modules

Top 10 Magisk Modules For Gaming, Pubg, Overclocking, Performance, Touch, Battery. etc

Best Rooted Modes For Gaming & Performance and battery,

What is Android Root

Rooting is The Android equivalent of jailbreaking, a means of unlocking the operating system to install unapproved apps, delete unwanted bloatware, update the OS, replace the firmware, and overclock (or underclock) processor, customize anything.

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#1 - PUBG/BGMI + All Games Graphics Unlocker

BGMI Mgaisk Module is VeryPowerfull Toll 
Unlock Your Pubg Graphic on Max Play Game in 60-90Fps without any error, this module working in all pubg & bgmi versions, unlock all graphics & a choice u need 0 fps to chose 90 + all unlock & you need only 60 fps + All Graphics to unlock to chose 60+ all unlock and enjoy without lag fully constant 60 + 90 fps with HDR + 4K,60 fps unlocker magisk module, 90 fps unlocker magisk module, all graphics unlock magisk module, all graphics unlock bgmi magisk module,pubg all graphic unlock magisk module.
This module unlocks max settings like - Smooth + extreme, Balance + Extreme, HD + Extreme + HDR + Extreme, Ultra UHD 4K + High, Ultral, unlock all feel free to unlock 😄10best magisk module.

#2 - Fast Charging Turbo Charge 

Best magisk module Enable Your Device Turbo Charging Mod With This Module,1st to get download this module & simply install with magisk in your smartphone & after the restart, your device automatically supported Turbo Fast Charging without any issue, warning please chose your compatible watt with your device, am not responsible to damage & issue in your device, Personly tested by me & my friendly team, u face any issue to contact me on Instagram.


#3 - MAGNETAR AutoMaster⚙️

Magnetar AutoMaster is Automatic Control Your SmartPhone You Need Performance to automatically providing the max performance you need heavy extreme gaming performance to automatically change your performance in extreme mod - play your heavy games without lagging,
Automatically Detect Your Games & Apps and automatic change modes you need.best magisk module 2021

#4 - Hyper 

Hyper - hyper is an ultra-lightweight module to improve your gaming performance to max level personly tested and feel free to lags, play heavy games like pubg in 60 fps, the main coin - change your phone configuration in the high-end device to one plus 7 pro, coin- unlock all graphics in you all games with max performance, and increase gaming performance improve CPU + GPU performance tweaks your UI and games to play smoothly.best 2021 magisk module

#5 - XTweaker ⚡⚡

XTweak For Ultra Max Level Gamer, and For Ultra Battery Saver,
this module in 4 modes, u can change it, 

Module Made By - looper

#6 - Best Magisk Module - Zerux Tweaks

Zerux This module Made by Zerux31- tweak your UI and games to play smoothly. am providing you top 10 magisk module /best magisk modules 2021/ try ownself am already tested.

#7 -Internet Tweaker🌐

Fix Your Ping Issues & play games without any internet issues, and the table is used to fix unstable pings when playing games and there are additional features, you install one module with multi-function.  

#8 -Touch Responsive👆

As some of you already know Android 8.1 suffers from a severe Multi-Touch Issue. This makes the smartphone randomly jump between the two touching points on the screen when touching with two or more fingers. This is especially bad for gamers. With the recent release of PUBG this issue seems dramatic to some, less to others. This issue has nothing to do with the corners badly reacting to touches, or touch sensitivity, etc.

#9 -NL Sound🎧

Time for one more sound MOD, ready to amaze you with a few advanced tweaks – NL Sound MOD. Basically, You’ve seen hundreds of Sound Mods from Xposed modules to Magisk modules, but here this beast will provide you with the most upgraded sound-enhancing protocol.

Primarily, It’s the simple Sound Mod, but within this simplicity, it offers the highest volume boost-up that you can enjoy at any Music Player.

Furthermore, The module is majorly created for gamers, and consequently, it’s offering you the best quality sounds at the highest frequency.

Now You can hear all the rivals’ footsteps  Lie pubg, Bgmi, and other games with NL Sound MOD, and within this, You can also increase your Microphone tendency to let your friends listen to all your commands correctly.

For MTK Devices - Download/Direct link
For Snapdragon Devices- DownloadDirect link

#10 -Ads Blocker Magisk Module

Block your all Ads and effective background and block your site and apps ads.

#11 Bonus Module - BootAnimation Apple Magisk Module

Apple Stable Boot Animation Cool And glowing apple logo boot effect tested in MTK and SDK devices and working in all devices.

Best Magisk Module for all devices 2021
this all magisk modules are tested by me and our friendly team

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