BGMI & PUBG Fps Unlock Magisk Module 2021 Best Magisk Module unlock 60 fps and 90fps BGMI & PUBG

PUBG - BGMi Unlocker Magisk Module2021

PUBG&BGMI Unlocker (Module) - After flashing this module automatically unlock your pubg and bgmi max graphics settings with 60fps and 90fps, unlock 60 /90fps in bgmi and pubg with magisk module, this module is the best magisk module for unlock 60/90fps in pubg and unlock bgmi pubg hdr graphics, and unlock 4k graphics in bgmi /pubg.

Download/DirectLink / Advance For All games - Download

installation Bgmi unlock magisk module

installation - 1st to Download Magisk Manager on google and open your magisk manager app and click on modules section and click on install from storage and find your downloaded module and select and install with this app and see 3 numbers to chose like 1- unlock smooth + 90 fps and 2nd - full graphics unlock with 60 fps chose one and install, after installing this reboot your device only 1st time after rebooting your device open your bgmi and pubg and see - unlocked your full graphics.

60fPS UNLOCKER In This to have unlocked features for pubg all versions and bgmi , with this module unlock smooth + Extreme, balance + Extreme, HD+Extream, HDR+Extream, Ultra HD + 30Fps 4k. unlock all in one graphics for bgmi and pubg all versions and play game in 60 fps without any lag issues.

Safe OR Not - bgmi pubg fps unlock magisk module

This magisk module is safe? = YES, - It doesn't change the game's file, so it's safe.

 This magisk module unlocks your max graphics in pubg and bgmi without changing any file in-game, unlock graphics without changing game data, and games file does not change your game files. This magisk module changes your phone configurations to high-hand devices like one pulse 8T and ROG Configuration and changes your device model - for this help to unlock your graphics in games.

Unlock 60/90Fps / HDR to 4k Graphics
Supported -  BGMi, PUBG Global, KR, VN.
Safe No ban 
Personally Used😁
Version -Final
Tested -✅✅✅✅

Unlocks 60-90fps in bgmi and pubg and your choice to whats you needed, bgmi pubg fps unlock magisk module,this module unlock your fps like high-end devices, and unlock HDR to 4K Graphics in your low-end smartphone and playing a game without losing any fps.

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