Magisk is Dead ? Magisk v24 ? Magisk 2.0 Coming Soon With New Modifie Version (Unoffical News)

App- Magisk 2.0
File -magisk_recoming

Why Magisk is Dead?

John Wu, the creator of Magisk. Under his alias topjohnwu, the developer spent years developing the open-source root injection tool, superuser management app, and systemless modding framework. In the middle of 2019, joined Apple as an intern to work on the company’s Platform team before he was hired full-time in early 2020 to work on the Machine Translation team. Now, John Wu is making a big change in his career: He’s leaving Apple to join Google, the company that develops the very OS he’s helped millions achieve root access on.

will magisk is dead

John Wu, the developer behind Magisk has joined Google's security team, I doubt they would look fondly on him continuing the project, providing root access on the operating system they seem intent on completely locking down for any 3rd party customization.


Magisk Officially Dead? | No More Android Rooting? | No more Magisk Mods?

Free open source project is never dies
File Name -Magisk2.0
Version -30.1.0(unstable)
Tested -(Unofficial news)

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