MIUI TO CORVUS OS REDMI NOTE 8 PRO How to install corvus os in redmi note 8 pro without hard brick without bootloop | change miui to corvus os

Corvus OS

                          BATTERY / GAMING

First, it's inspired by Dirty Unicorns and based on AOSP, and other features too. We won't believe that Corvus is a better ROM than others, but we will always try to give you the best. by Corvus team.

Android 9 To Corvus Os - No Data Loss
provide with AntiBrick Preloader [PHONE LIFE SAVER]
100% safely method no chance to brick

How to install ROM

Am Already macked a video on this topic you can watch it , and am sure to you can 100% install from in your device without any error BUT Video IS MOST  IMPORTANT

Offline method without video(try this -your own risk )
select safe video method on youtube = digital choco

you need to unlock your bootloader
download the preloaded Fix NoBrick.zip and extract that file

install the Minimal ADB & Fastboot.exe and Locate it in your storage

open the folder where you installed the Minimal ADB and copy the Non-CFW Recovery.img
Rename Non-CFW Recovery.img As “recovery.img”
double click the cmd-here as shown in the image, command window will open
now type “fastboot devices” and press enter
again type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and again press enter, it will automatically install the recovery
Now Press & Hold the POWER+VOLUME UP button in your redmi note 8 pro
New Non-CFW fastboot will appear then select the Recovery and press ok ( Volume up-for select & volume down- for OK)
It will install TWRP custom recovery automatically
now again connect your mobile to PC and copy below Files

1. Custom Rom (Corvus 8.5 ROM)
do not try 9.0 and .5 version corvus rom ,its buggy and lost performance ...

2. GApps
3. Begonia A10 CFW2.0( Global Variant)

4. BegoniaIN A10 CFW2.0(Indian Variant)

Now wipe the cache-data-system in TWRP recovery mode
Install the Begonia/BegoniaIN A10 CFW.zip (if you have an Indian variant then install BegoniaIN and for global, you need to install the Begonia.zip file)

after that Install the Custom Rom.zip
then flash the GApp if required
again wipe the cache
reboot to system
now you can enjoy the custom ROM without any error

Corvus 8.5 (begonia)
Ratings -
  • System UI – 8/10
  • Inbuilt Camera – 5/10 / 8/10 WITH aNX 
  • Multitasking – 8/10
  • internet& Services – 8/10
  • PUBG/BGMI Gameplay – 10/10
  • Booting Timing – 9.5/10
  • Battery Life – 9/10
my experience

Corvus os is the best choice for gamers, you needed only gaming performance to go for this, you need an ultimate level performance like iPhone to use this form and send me your feedback, this from fully looks freely no bootwares no extra apps and services, you can fully customize your phone with this rom, the main and fast trick this from supported f2fs, f2fs is a new technology by Samsung its very faster than ext4, ext4 is your normal storage former, you can be changed to f2fs, and you feel ultra fastly......

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