How To Change Ext4 To F2fs in Redmi Note 8 Pro and Boost Performance

How to Boost Performance in Redmi Note 8 pro Device

EXT4 in a nutshell: Speed vs. ... EXT4 is considered more stable than F2FS as it's been around for a longer time and doesn't get too many updates to the underlying structure. F2FS, on the other hand, can get large updates that bring along major under-the-hood changes.
Yes F2fs faster Than EXT4, Twrp RecoveryBest Method & Safe Method To Boost Performance in Redmi Note 8 Pro.

How To Use

His is a simple & easy guide on how to format ext4 to f2fs.
1. Install Recovery
2. Reboot to recovery
3. Go to Manage Partition
4. Select go to wipe option / and tap on advance/tap on change data type/change in f2fs
system and proceed.
6. Reboot to Recovery again.
7. Install a custom kernel that supports F2FS
8. Install Universal F2FS support patch file. (otherwise causing boot loop)
9. Reboot
Enjoy the speed


Redmi Note 8 Pro / You Have a Redmi Note 8Pro Device and a twrp installed on your device and Android 10 based custom from installed on your device not working in A11 roms, after that follow these steps and install this kernel = Quantum Killer

➤ Corvus 10.5 /8.5
Link = DOWNLOAD/Pling Offical ⭕️ Gaming KerneL / Quantum Kernel Link = DOWNLOAD/Medifire ⭕️ Ext4 To F2Fs Zip File / Only For TWRP Link = DOWNLOAD/Mediafire

-Fix Ui Lags
-Fix Games Lags
-Fix Rendring Peroblem
-Fast Your Data SPEED
-50% Dubble Your speed
-Boost Your Internal Storage data speed

EX4 Vs F2fs Speed

YES f2fs is faster than ext4, ext4 is older than f2fs, f2fs is very fast not compare with ext4, you can change your ext4 to f2fs with twrp but you have a supported kernel and f2fs support custom rom after that you can change it and enjoy fast speed.

I Am showing you very easy steps to go ext 4 to f2fs without any problem and issues, go with this methods safely and change your data former and enjoy next-gen performance speed - this speed you see in data transfer and game-opening time,

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watch the full video on youtube with the full tutorial search on youtube digital choco and watch any rooted tricks and new modules video and make your phone faster.

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