Unbrick Redmi Phones Fix Hard Brick in Redmi

Fix mi logo stuck on boot screen

Fix Bootloop in all redmi and poco devices and unbrick your redmi and poco device,After flashing wrong file in your device you get Soft brick and bootloop and Hard brick and your device stuck on mi logo, After Unlock Your Phone You Can change, be customizing, and optimizing the interior system and OS. However, these unofficial and risky tasks like tweaks, changes, and customization may end up within the most typical issue -- boot loop. the subsequent is that the list of unofficial processes which may result in a boot loop issue.



Install DOWNLOAD ADB DRIVERS on your computer

search your device name on this wapside and download your stock ROM.
watch the full video. Video: Youtube

Fix mi logo stuck during boot process

Put the phone in fastboot mode pr and connect your device to pc then extract the file which will contain both command file or files paste them all in ADB's folder then install all in it.
Download each file and unfasten them in C:/ADB (if you do not have that folder... simply produce it) you may got to rename the file extension of the file format =  <&gt; from .tgz to .rar Let's go!! flip the phone off, flip it on in fastboot mode (by pressing each POWER and VOL- ), and connect the phone to the laptop with its USB cable. Open a CMD command console (in administrator mode) in C:/ADB and sort this (press enter once finished typing): Code: fastboot devices If you've got the drivers put in and everything goes well, a series of alphamerical characters can seem, like for example Code: a6ghfxfv6 fastboot good, we will prolong. Next, we are going to flash one by one the files required to revive the phone. Write the subsequent lines and press enter at the top of every one of them (wait for the files to be put in between the line and line): Code: fastboot boot.img fastboot flash system.img fastboot flash marketer.img fastboot flash cust.img fastboot flash recovery recovery.img once you are done, restart the phone with: Code: fastboot resuscitate.

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